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Deliverance © Marquesate and TA Brown 2011. All rights reserved.


September 2011, Fayetteville

It had been a pleasant summer away in Europe, first to Kisa's wedding in Budapest-that had been a lot more enjoyable than they had envisaged-followed by a relaxed, sunny trip down the Adriatic coast. A respite from all the gloom and the doom, a reminder that there were still plenty of happy things going on in the world, and just how lucky they were. They returned home in early September, and settled back into life as it had been. The gym ran smoothly, still as popular as ever, and Matt was able to take more time off to indulge in his photography, which had turned out to be quite successful. Male nudes remained his specialty, with one particular body appearing more often than others, though he was very careful about publicizing his art, using a pseudonym.

He had been paying attention to the achingly slow progress of the repeal of DADT but hadn't been involved as much as he would have like. One thing for him and Hooch to be an open secret at the base, quite another to be seen to be actively interested.

Hooch didn't appear as if he had been interested at all, never mentioning the a potential repeal of DADT. He did his job like he'd always done, lived his life with Matt like he'd always lived it. He'd made Major a couple of years previous, increasingly working on a strategic level, which he'd learned to accept, because at fifty-one his body had begun to make him feel the extremes of his life.

Everything was as it had been, until Tuesday, 20th of September.

Hooch had gone to work early, leaving Matt in bed with a cup of coffee beside him. With the top news of the day firmly embedded in his mind, he dumped his pack on his desk first, before walking straight to his CO's office.

"Major Bozic, what a surprise." The man looked up. It had been three COs since Hooch had taken the instructor post, three men who could have been clones of each other.

"Good morning, Sir." Hooch saluted, then sat down when indicated. "About the Ball at the end of the month…"

"Yes, Major?" The man looked slightly harried. He hadn't been in his post long, and Hooch doubted that he knew very much about anything that wasn't plainly in front of his face.

"I feel it necessary to inform you that I will bring my long-term partner for the first time." Hooch looked at the man with an unreadable expression.

A glance look in his direction as the Colonel focused on him. "I fail to see…" he began, before it registered what Hooch was saying. The man blinked, as he remembered the news of the day, even though it felt like he'd been spending months at endless committee meetings on the topic. Another blink. "Ah. I see. That's…" he swallowed, and a look of disbelief crossed his face before it was forcibly schooled back to neutrality. "Forgive me' Major, this is somewhat unexpected."

"With all due respect, Sir, but from what I understand, you must be one of the very few personnel on base for whom this will be unexpected." Hooch's face was still in neutral.

The Colonel opened and closed his mouth several times as though discarding the first few responses before settling rather feebly for: "I appreciate that you are telling me in advance, Major." Treading water while trying to get his lagging brain into order, to process both new pieces of intelligence. "I presume," he hesitated just a fraction on the pronoun, "your partner is aware of the etiquette?"

"Etiquette?" Hooch tried very hard to keep his poker face, but a grin was threatening to break out. "I assure you that he does. He is a former US Marine and first Gulf War veteran where, incidentally," Hooch's blasé air was spoiled by his grin, "we met."

"I see," the Colonel said faintly, and it was clear that he was trying very hard not to see. "Twenty years," he said, almost to himself. "I…" he stopped, "that was a remarkable exercise in discretion."

Hooch settled back in his chair. "The first seven were easy, we didn't live together. The second thirteen were trickier, but I had help on base. Seems that ignoring anything and everything has been a specialty of my boys." Hooch sat up straight once more. "Are you familiar with my military record, Sir?"

The Colonel had given up trying to hide his shock and simply stared and nodded. "Yes, I am very aware of it, Major."

"Would you say I served my country well?"

"Of course." Not quite knowing but suspecting where the conversation was going, but without a way to avoid answering the simple truth to the simple question.

"So, you wouldn't think I have been a bad influence on the morale of my men in any way."

A look, unreadable. "No, of course not." The words almost forced out.

"Just checking." Hooch stood up. "If you don't need me for anything else, Sir, I'd better get to work."

"Yes," the Colonel echoed faintly, still not quite believing his ears. "Thank you for telling me, Major. I…ummmmm," he blinked, and tried to finish the sentence. "I look forward to meeting…uhm…Mr…" he trailed off.

"Donahue, Sir. Matt Donahue." Hooch saluted and strode out of the office with a shit eating grin on his face.

The Colonel watched him go, paused for a second, and then opened the bottom drawer of his desk filing cabinet for his hidden bottle of bourbon.

Hooch didn't realize he was whistling as he strode along to the cafeteria to grab his morning coffee. Nor did he notice the dumbfounded looks from the other personnel as he passed them. Major Bozic, cheerful, was a sight rarely seen.

"Sir?" a voice somewhere to the left of Hooch called out.

"Yeah?" Hooch turned his head, about to step into the canteen.

"Is everything alright, Sir?" there was a look of disbelief on the speaker's face.

"Fuck, yeah." Hooch grinned, "didn't you hear the news?"

"News?" the Captain parroted. Major Bozic grinning was news in itself.

"DADT got repealed." Hooch turned and walked through the open door, leaving the Captain standing.

"Sir?" the Captain called after him, then followed, lengthening his stride. "Sir?" he called again coming up to Hooch. "Yes…but?"

Hooch huffed a laugh. "I'm gay, Captain." He grinned as he turned into the self-service lane.

The Captain's jaw dropped momentarily at the pronouncement, before closing with a click. He wasn't the only one who had heard Hooch's proclamation, and a buzz began to spread through the room.
Hooch silently grinned to himself as he filled his cup. He was fifty-one years old, he'd served his country all his life, and for many years he'd even laid it on the line. He deserved some fun on account of others.

* * *

The day continued as it had begun, with Hooch amusing himself with the same bluntness. He might be a desk jockey these days, but he still managed to get all of Fort Bragg talking, and wasn't it ironic that all it took was saying out loud his partner was a man.

He remained in excellent spirits on the drive home. When he got back to the gym, Matt was in the reception area, leaning over the desk, talking to Mandy.

He looked up at Hooch's entrance, noting the rare grin. "What's up?"

"This." Hooch dropped his pack on the floor, stepped towards Matt, took his face into his hands, then proceeded to kiss him deeply. In the middle of reception, right in front of staff and customers.

The cheering, hooting and hollering was deafening by the time Matt recovered from his shock and pushed Hooch away. "I take it that means we're now out." He said, rather redundantly.

"It would look more convincing if you didn't push me away." Hooch grinned as he crossed his arms in front of his chest, ignoring Mandy's delighted giggle that would have otherwise scraped his nerves raw.

"You think?" Matt raised an eyebrow before reaching for Hooch and plastering himself against the leaner man, returning the kiss with equal enthusiasm.

The noise crescendo started up once more, Mandy's voice cutting through it all as she delivered a cheerleader-worthy encouragement. Hooch was breathless and laughing when they broke the kiss, only now noticing how the training rooms had emptied and a crowd was filling the reception area. There wasn't a single person that didn't show approval. The gym attracted loyal members. "Twenty years with that kid, how did I survive that?" Hooch smirked.

Matt laughed. "Come on, old man, I think this calls for a more private celebration. Clear the way, guys." Taking Hooch by the arm and pulling him towards the door to the apartment.

One of the regulars shouted: "DADT repealed, huh?" Others clapped as Hooch raised a thumb, the last bit of him that was still visible before Matt had pulled him through the door and up the stairs.

Bursting into the door at the top of the stairs, Matt preceded Hooch into the room by barely a step. "What brought all that on?"

"The guy downstairs got it right." Hooch flashed a grin. "You didn't think I was following the whole thing, did you?"

Matt blinked. "Oh God, you told everyone on base today, didn't you?" barely a question.

"Yeah." Hooch grinned, smug from head to toe. "I started with my CO."

"And went all the way down to the janitor." Matt groaned. "How did they take it?"

"It didn't seem to be a surprise to many. Worst secret of Fort Bragg." Hooch shrugged.

Matt shook his head, but a smile was beginning to emerge. "Just when I thought you couldn't pull any more crazy stunts." He stepped closer and put his arms around Hooch's neck. "I believe I promised a private celebration," the smile was full-blown now.

"I believe you did." Hooch placed his hands onto Matt's hips. He really should tell Matt about the Mess dinner, but he wasn't going to spoil the sex he was about to get.

"Bedroom?" Matt disengaged from Hooch and headed in that direction without waiting for a reply, shedding his clothes along the way.

Hooch followed suit, chuckling as he worked his way out of his uniform. "Guess I'm getting too old for carpet burn."

* * *

Matt was half-asleep, in a sated post-coital haze, playing with one of Hooch's nipple rings. "You've got something on your mind," a statement as Hooch stared at the ceiling.

Arms behind his head, Hooch lay stretched out in all his smooth and tattooed glory, a feast for Matt's eyes. "Yeah, I told my CO I'll bring my partner to the next Ball." Hooch let the words stand in the room, sounding casual, but there was minute tensing of his muscles beneath Matt's fingers.

The fingers stilled. "Did you now?" Matt's eyes snapped open, instantly wide awake. "And what did your CO say to that?"

"He's looking forward to meet you in a couple of weeks." Hooch replied with a straight face.

"Oh, I'm sure he does," Matt replied drily. "So, I'm the 'plus one' now, am I?"

"Haven't you always been for the last thirteen years?"

"I guess I have." Matt smiled, his fingers started moving again. "When is it?"

"Last Saturday this month." Hooch craned his head to look at Matt. "You OK with that?"

An affectionate snort. "I suppose I am." he paused. "Be weird, actually, Officer's Mess and all."

"Is that weirder than being there as my partner?"

"Each as weird as the other, actually." Matt replied, before turning over to his belly so he could look Hooch in the eye. "I'll come, with one condition: I get to choose what you wear-under your uniform."

Hooch's brows rose. He didn't say anything for a moment, then replied with a firm: "yes."

"Good," Matt nodded, "I might just come up with something special."

Hooch huffed. "I'm sure you will. My body is proof of that."

Matt grinned smugly and shifted onto his side. "And now I really need a nap after all that."

Hooch leaned across to kiss Matt's shoulder. "I go feed Rex."

"Huummph" Matt murmured sleepily in agreement, dropping off.


October 2011, Fayetteville

Ten days later, the afternoon of the Ball, Matt was looking through their toy cabinet, while Hooch had an appointment with Pam for his regular full body wax. Hooch's well-edited toy collection had long since outgrown the bottom drawer of the bedside table, and had expanded to a wide selection that took up the space of a double-door wardrobe.

Matt touched the collection of leashes, all black leather, from when he'd have Hooch curl at his feet at the club, like some enormous pet panther, obedient and yet patently dangerous. The drawer of neatly arranged collars, though the first one from the pet store, its leather supple and worn, still had pride of place. The polished metal cock cages and chastity devices, made to measure. The collection of piercing rings and bars, and the weights to go with them. The containers of dildos and butt plugs in various sizes and materials. The wands, metal rods and hollow tubes in differing lengths and thickness, some of them to be secured via the piercing holes, others to fuck his cock. Going through them all, pondering what he might put on Hooch that night.

He could choose a collar, but the risk of glimpses of the collar being seen was small but there, so he abandoned it in favor of pondering things placed further down: he could choose nipple rings with weights that would pull on Hooch all night, which would have him in definite discomfort. His gaze fell on the brand new chastity device that looked like something out of sci-fi movie in polished chrome, which would mean that Hooch's cock was kept under control all night.

He was just pulling open the drawer that held the butt plugs when he heard a noise at the front door, as Hooch returned from his appointment. "Matt?"

"In here," Matt called out.

"I'm going to get cleaned up."

"Sure." Matt smiled to himself when he heard the familiar sounds of Hooch moving about the apartment, and then the shower starting.

He returned his attention to the toy cupboard to considered the rest. Not all that much that could feasibly go under Hooch's uniform-in addition to the collars and leashes, the wrist and ankle cuffs were out, as was the rest of the collection of butter-soft black leather. The chains would jingle too much fastened to the nipple rings, as fantastic as they looked against the black ink on Hooch's chest, and the ball spreaders and parachute weights were equally impossible in uniform. He pondered a wand, but it would be the first time for Hooch to wear a metal rod inside his cock anywhere other than the safety of home or the club. They were out at an official function tonight, he wasn't going to risk for Hooch to get into any potential problems.

He was that concentrated on evaluating all the possibilities, that he almost missed Hooch's arrival, but a sound at the bedroom door made him look up.

It was Hooch, naked and with damp hair, leaning against the door jamb, with a part amused and part curious expression on his face.

Hooch was perfect: beautiful, wild and dangerous as he stood with his legs braced and his arms behind his back. Almost all of his body permanently adorned with tribal tattoos in black ink, which incorporated Matt's initials several times, and was carefully designed to minimize the visual impact of Hooch's scars. The stunning design formed a coherent and artistic whole, running across his shoulder in back and front, winding around his biceps, down his pecs and chest, contrasting with the metal of the heavy gauge rings in his nipples, along his abs and down his thighs, to snake around to the back, meeting the first tattoo across the lower back, where it united with a design up his back, that flared all the way across his strong deltoids. His cock, which began to harden under Matt's scrutiny, with its Prince Albert piercing, and the gleaming metal rings of the scrotal ladder beneath. Last but not least the piercing that wasn't visible when Hooch was standing like this, the guiche ring, Matt's favorite of them all.

Hooch was perfect as he was, and in that moment Matt realized that it was all about what he could do, what he could make Hooch wear, how he could make him suffer; there were no limits. Hooch was well and truly his, in every sense of the word.

Tamed by Matt, and the ownership manifested itself on and in Hooch's body; on his skin, and through his flesh.

Matt didn't say anything as he picked up some metal, stepping close to Hooch. He brushed a hand from shoulder to nipple, lingering, caressing, before removing one, then the other of Hooch's usual rings. Teasing them alternately before putting in the heavier rings with weighted beads.

He stepped back to admire his handiwork. "Now get into uniform."

Hoch looked taken aback, but if the lack of any other adornments surprised or even disappointed him, he didn't voice it. Instead he just nodded and started to dress in his uniform. He could feel the weight pull and tug at his nipples with each movement, causing sensations that shot straight to his cock.

Matt smiled at Hooch's discomfort and brushed a kiss against his cheek as he stood up. "You'll have to learn to control your cock unless you want to spend the night with a hard-on." He watched Hooch for a moment, before making a slow gesture across the assortment of gleaming metal, black silicone and leather, laid out on the bed. "Then again, you might want to think about what I'm going to do to you once we get back here."

Hooch swallowed as he carefully slipped into the starched shirt. The touch of fabric against his over-sensitized nipples made him want to hiss. "I think in that case I'll be spending the night with a hard-on."

"We'll see." There was a gleam in Matt's eye as he turned to the wardrobe for his own clothes. "It depends how it goes tonight."

* * *

By the time they returned to the gym late at night, Hooch was desperate after Matt had told him at they left the function, that he wanted him to undress the moment they stepped through the door. Careless of his dress uniform, Hooch obeyed the order, leaving pieces of clothing strewn across the living room for a miffed Rex to ignore as he was woken from a sound sleep on the couch.

"Stop." Matt's voice was deceptively soft as he kept Hooch from turning into the bedroom. "Brace yourself on the dinner table." He knew he didn't have to explain anything else, and true to his knowledge of things unspoken and years spent together, Hooch immediately went across, hands far apart on the table, bending over until the metal of the weighted nipple rings touched the cool surface, and spread his legs as wide as he could.

The sound of a tube being flicked open in Hooch's back, and the rustle of clothes, before a hand too hold of his hips and he was nudged further down.

"Don't make a sound," Matt ordered, and the next moment he entered, not allowing Hooch to accommodate to his cock. It took only a few thrusts before he came, while Hooch fought to remain silent, his body entirely ignored by Matt.

After recovering for a few seconds, Matt withdrew with a kiss to the back of Hooch's neck. Not having been given permission to move, Hooch remained bent over the table.

"I think," Matt said against Hooch's ear, "I'll put you into the new device tonight. Consider it the first stage of your chastity training." He ran his hands over and down Hooch's tattooed back, all the way to his ass, which he cupped in both hands. Pulling Hooch's ass checks apart, Matt bent down and swiped his tongue along the crack, catching some of his own cum that had been leaking.

Hooch trembled, and the tension in his body told Matt how much Hooch had to control himself to remain silent.

"But first," Matt stood back up, "you're going to hold my cum inside you, stretched and ready for me in the morning."

Hooch nodded silently, swallowing hard.

"Don't move." With that order, Matt went into the bedroom to the toy cabinet, where he'd laid out what he'd chosen earlier.

He returned with a butt plug that was not the largest in the collection by far, but made of cold, unforgiving metal, and designed to be locked to the new device. He didn't prepare Hooch, using the cum in Hooch's ass as the only lube to take the worst off the burn, as he pushed the plug slowly into Hooch, letting him feel every movement as he twisted the cool metal inside, until it was embedded deeply in Hooch, held inside by Hooch's own body.

He was rewarded with an instant quickening of Hooch's breath, and another tremor, more pronounced this time.

"Remember the first time I tied you to the bed?" Matt asked.

Hooch nodded.

"You asked for twelve hours, then." Matt reached down and ran a hand across Hooch's tattooed pecs, twisting and flicking each heavy nipple ring in turn, while Hooch fought to remain silent. "You get twelve hours now." Matt suddenly pulled Hooch up to stand. "Go take a cold shower, make sure the plug stays inside you, and don't touch yourself. You're not going to come, but I want your cock to be soft when you return."

"You bastard." Hooch groaned out, the order to remain silent forgotten. His voice was hoarse with arousal and unfulfilled need. "You're a fucking bastard and I fucking love you."

"And I love you." Matt's smirk didn't disappear as he lightly slapped Hooch's shoulder to get him going. "I give you five minutes."

Matt was satisfied that Hooch's movements weren't completely sure when he watched him go to the bathroom to force the arousal down. In the few minutes it took for the cold water to work, Matt went to the bedroom to take hold of the chastity device, which had cost more to manufacture to their exact specifications, than many cars.

He looked up when Hooch returned, stepping through the door and close to the bed, still damp, and his black-inked skin covered in goose bumps, but his cock was soft, as ordered.

Hooch's dark eyes tracked Matt's finger over the metal. Brand new, immaculate craftsmanship, and fashioned perfectly to Hooch's body with a few special features: the cage for his cock had studs inside that would make any hard-on more uncomfortable than most other devices; the rear opening was large enough to fuck and even fist-fuck him while he wore the device, and it sported secure fastenings for butt plugs of varying sizes. It was expertly created to be worn for extended periods of time, making it possible for Hooch to piss and get cleaned out, but never to come, unless Matt his owner allowed him to.

Matt's smile grew as he picked up the device. Hooch widened his stance for easier access, and stood eye to eye before Matt slowly moved to kneel down, so that he could look at what he was doing. Carefully fitting the device on at the front, moving with gentle fingers so as not to touch Hooch's cock unnecessarily while locking the cage around it. He avoided the heavy gauge Prince Albert piercing until the very last moment, when he fit a small bar through the piercing's ring, fixing Hooch's cock to the cage even more securely, before pointing the cage down and snapping it to the chrome base. Moving his hands between Hooch's legs, Matt brushed against the guiche ring while pushing the base plate snugly back, then arranged all three rings of Hooch's scrotal ladder piercing until they lined up perfectly to the bar-fitted slots that had been worked into the device. He snapped each bar shut through each ring, then closed the two halves of the device at Hooch's hips, which locked securely, with only Matt having the key to open it.

Matt stepped back to admire the view of the polished, gleaming chrome against Hooch's smooth and tattooed skin. "Now lie down and sleep." He pulled the covers back to emphasize his order.

Hooch shuddered when he tried to obey, because every movement caused sensations that shot straight to his cock, which instantly swelled against the confines of the cage but the metal studs dug painfully into the hardening flesh, tormenting between arousal and pain. He tried to will his breathing back down to normal to have any chance of sleep, but utterly failed. A cacophony of counteracting sensation threatened to drive him insane: his cock was hard and yet unable to fully be, with the studs digging painfully into the aching flesh, the piercings in his cock and balls being manipulated with the tiniest of movement.
A sheen of sweat appeared on his forehead, as he forced himself to get onto the bed. Lying down nearly made him gasp, but he bit his lower lip to stay silent, feeling the rapidly warming metal plug move inside his ass, which was still overly sensitive from the far-too quick fuck. With all of the hardware locked securely into place, there was nothing he could do but bear the sensations that simultaneously made him want to beg for more, and plead for less.
Hooch lay on his back to at least avoid any more movements to his tortured nipples, figuring that he wasn't going to get any sleep for the rest of the night.
Matt lay down next to Hooch pulling the covers over them both. "Wouldn't do for you to get bored with me."

"No danger of that." Hooch answered hoarsely, breaking the silence once more.

Matt grinned and reached out a hand to play with the heavy nipple rings.

"If you want me to sleep…" Hooch gasped, "this is not the best way."

Matt's grin grew, if possible, ever wider. "Oh," he rumbled, not taking his hand off Hooch's chest, "maybe not, but we're not going to know unless we try." Matt's hand crept southward over the metal of the locked device, warm from Hooch's body heat, and settled between his legs. Flicking the guiche, he was rewarded with a suppressed groan from Hooch, whose whole body trembled. "Next time, I'll keep you in for twenty-four hours." He mused, "and then I'll show you off at the club and I'll let you get fucked by anyone who wants to, all night, while you wear this." He saw the effect his words had on Hooch, whose struggles increased. "And after that…" Matt murmured into Hooch's ear, lips touching while he spoke, "I'll keep you in it for a whole weekend, not allowing you to come, or even an entire week, while you're off duty."

Matt smiled when Hooch whimpered.

"Let me see," Matt contemplated, while his fingers kept moving over metal and lightly touching the trembling skin beneath. "I spent the evening with you, in a roomful of officers and their wives, ten days after the repeal of DADT, a CO who still can't quite believe that his most senior Delta instructor came out of the closet, and, of course, the food was shit. Except for the food, it was pretty good, actually." His fingers teasingly glided over the slots. "Still, I think you deserve your twelve hours."

Hooch groaned. "If I begged on my knees, would that sway you?"

"No," Matt told him, his tone cheerful. "How about I let you do whatever you like to me, as soon as the twelve hours are over…" trailing off temptingly as he propped himself up, hand under chin, looking straight at Hooch.


"Absolutely anything." Trust and mischief warred in Matt's eyes while his grin grew. "And now back to silence. I need my sleep." He stretched out next to Hooch, head on pillow, and closed his eyes.

"Lucky bastard." Hooch murmured, before he shut up and succumbed to his body's suffering and his mind's peace.

* * *

Hooch had finally fallen asleep towards morning, lying prone, arms and legs spread out. He did not move as Matt slid out of bed to throw on shorts and T-shirt in preparation for letting Rex out. The dog was not happy at being woken up and persuaded into the main part of the gym with access to the small grassed area in the back, and even unhappier when Matt filled up the food and water bowls in the reception area as the early morning cleaner could be seen pulling into the parking lot.

Hooch was still asleep when Matt returned to the bedroom, stripped and straddled Hooch's hips, then unlocked the plate that kept the metal plug in place. Hooch stirred, awake from one second to the next, dark eyes focusing on Matt, who said nothing, just smiled at him.

Fumbling a little, Matt unfastened the plug and removed it, causing a moan to escape from Hooch. Matt nudged him onto all fours, grateful for the design of the device that allowed him to fuck Hooch with no difficulty, while Hooch remained caged and desperate. Entering him with only the a small amount of lube to ease the passage for himself, Matt soon picked up pace and thrust deeply into Hooch, holding his hips steady with both hands. He was getting to the edge too soon, the view of Hooch's tattooed back, with his own initials permanently inked into Hooch's skin, and the chrome encasing Hooch's hips and ass, except for where Matt was fucking him, were too many and new sensations. By the time he came, Hooch was pleading in mindless whimpers, but Matt hadn't planned on mercy fully aware that not showing mercy was the greatest mercy of all.

He pulled out quickly, still hard, and immediately pushed the metal plug back inside Hooch, and locked it. Matt's own voice was breathless, as placed a kiss on Hooch's sweaty back. "Now get more sleep."

Hooch's answer was desperate groan, but he lay back down as ordered. He closed his eyes, breathing still rapid and his entire body flushed, as Matt left the bedroom to take a shower.

* * *

Matt fucked Hooch twice more within the twelve hour slot. First after breakfast, during which Hooch had struggled to find a position to sit at the table that didn't drive him insane. That time, he ordered Hooch to remain in position: bent over the dining table, legs spread, ass open and leaking, and took photos of the sight, before the plug returned.

Next after he'd been experimenting with weights and chains in Hooch's nipple rings. Which had proved such an exquisite torment for a man who had come before by merely torturing his over-stimulated nipples. Once again he told Hooch to stay still, bent over and gripping his ankles, as he took more pictures, cataloging the gleaming metal around the abused flesh, framed by dark ink on sweaty skin. Some of his black and white photos of H's body had made it into a gallery at the club, blown up large and displayed along the theatre, and he expected some of these to be added to them.

Matt never altered the pattern of fucking Hooch until he had come and Hooch was desperate, then locked the plug back in place, keeping his cum inside. By the time Matt fucked him for the fourth and last time, Hooch was slick and loose, his body accepting Matt's cock without resistance.

When the twelve hours were up, Matt simply jangled the keys in front of Hooch's face. He had rarely seen Hooch's eyes blown so wide and dark, a new expression caused by new sensations. "I guess it's payback time." He grinned.

"Anything?" One word was all Hooch asked, while Matt worked on the locks.

"Anything." Matt repeated. Taking off the device was much simpler and faster than could be guessed, even with the integration with Hooch's hardware. He laid it carefully on the table, together with the keys, before turning back to Hooch. "Absolutely anything."

Hooch lightly touched his abused cock, breathing deeply a few times, before a wide grin spread across his face. "I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop."

"I'm counting on it," Matt managed to say, before Hooch attacked.

* * *

Later that day, Hooch came out of the bathroom, freshly showered and cleaned inside and out. All piercings carefully treated, his smooth skin moisturized, especially the areas where the device had chafed. He stopped at the open doorway to the bedroom, smiling at Matt who lay spread eagled, snoring softly. Hooch padded to the kitchen area to make a couple of strong coffees, then brought them back to the bedroom and sat down on the bed. "Hey, sleeping beauty."

Matt blinked, bleary-eyed at the smell, as he groaned and sat up, stiff and sore in almost every muscle imaginable, but the tired grin on his face told that he didn't regret it one bit. He accepted the coffee gratefully. "Nothing like home," he yawned, then looked at Hooch, who was completely at peace and relaxed.

Hooch studied Matt's face for a while. "No, there really isn't."

Matt hummed thoughtfully, taking a few sips of his coffee. "Mom is knitting a winter hat for you for Christmas. She insisted you needed one that's not black, you know."

"Is she?" Hooch smiled.

"Uh-huh, and Emily sent you another drawing just last week, didn't she?"

"She did."

"Lucifer needs to get ready for the show next week, doesn't he?"

"He does."

"And the fall charity horse trail you're leading is next month, isn't it?"

"It is." Hooch's grin widened.

"Sofia is going to stay over for a couple of days at the end of the month, isn't she?"

"Yeah, she is."

"And we're going to have a BBQ for your birthday, aren't we?"

"We are."

"You realize, Hubert Bozic," Matt put the coffee onto the bedside table, out of potential harm's reach, "that your big bad Delta ass hasn't just been tamed, but that it has become positively suburban?" Matt's grin was splitting his face.

The next moment his yelps were muffled when Hooch smothered him with a pillow, laughing all the way.


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