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Special Forces Veterans
Special Forces - Veterans (original version)

Available for print-cost only in paperback (447 pages), or as a free ebook in PDF format.
It can also be read online on this site by following the links below.

eBook: Special Forces - Veterans

Disclaimer and Terms of Use for Readers

You must be of legal age to proceed and read. By accessing this work of fiction, you certify that it is legal for you to read such material. See the the Warning for Readers below.

Special Forces Chapter LIV: Point of No Return
Special Forces Chapter LV: An Eye for an Eye
Special Forces Chapter LVI: New Beginnings
Special Forces Chapter LVII: Lives and Lovers
Special Forces Chapter LVIII: Guard Duty
Special Forces Chapter LIX: Skin Deep
Special Forces Chapter LX: The Good The Bad The Ugly
Special Forces Chapter LXI: Ghosts
Special Forces Chapter LXII: Reconnaissance
Special Forces Chapter LXIII: Clean Sweep
Special Forces Chapter LXIV: Don't Asl Don't Tell
Special Forces Chapter LXV: To the Bone
Special Forces Chapter LXVI: Above and Beyond
Special Forces Chapter LXVII: Inside and Out
Special Forces Chapter LXVIII: Till Death
Special Forces Chapter LX:IX: Good Times and Bad
Special Forces Chapter LXX: The Sum of All Things
Publisher: Camouflage Press
Publication Date: March 2010

Warning for Readers

The following work of fiction contains graphic homosexual interaction, violence and non-consensual sex. With this work of fiction the authors do not condone in any way any form of intolerance and injustice, e.g. racism, sexual harassment, incitement of hatred, religious hatred nor persecution, xenophobia and misogyny. Neither do the authors through this work of fiction promote violence nor make light of such grave matters as genocide, any taking of human life, murder, execution, rape, torture, persecution of sexual orientation.

By accessing this work of fiction you hereby accept and agree that this is a work of fiction and does not reflect in any way the opinions of the authors. The authors do not necessarily endorse the views expressed by the fictional characters.

By accessing this work of fiction you hereby indemnify the authors against all claims and actions whatsoever arising from reading the work of fiction.

All characters are fictional. Any similarities with living or deceased people are coincidental. In case of real life events, creative license has been applied. Special Forces is intellectual property of Marquesate and Vashtan. Copyright © 2006-2009. All rights reserved.


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