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For Queen and Country
For Queen and Country in In Uniform

The anthology is available from Slash Books
Copyright © Marquesate 2009.

For Queen and Country is an 18k short story about two very different Officers in the Cavalry regiment, who are like chalk and cheese. The story has been published as part of the In Uniform anthology. It is available in ebook format on Rainbow eBooks and is widely available in print and Kindle format on Amazon.

Dave and Andrew loathe the sight of each other, because one worked his way up through the ranks, and the other came straight from Sandhurst. These two men are thrown together in an unfortunate incident in the middle of the jungle, which leaves them stranded and captured in an environment they know nothing about. They have to learn to work together to survive, and throughout their journey they might just begin to respect each other.

Short Excerpt from "For Queen and Country" © Marquesate 2009

"It seems your 'friendly' manner does not impress the locals." Andrew commented drily.

"It might have occurred to you that I tried to get something for you, you idiot. Even though I have no idea why."

"A strange and surprising sense of duty, perhaps?"

"Fuck you." Dave growled.


Dave was suddenly presented with an unexpected smirk from Andrew, so uncharacteristic and out of context, it threw him off track.

"Are you out of your mind?"

"Hardly, but I do admit to enjoying a moment of light relief by seeing you out of your shallow depth, in this otherwise most pernicious situation."

It took Dave a few moments to process what Andrew had just said. How he hated the bastard's ability to wrap his insults in a package of posh words. "You're an arsehole."

"You are repeating yourself."

"It's worth repeating a thousand times." Dave growled.

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Publisher: Slash Books
Publication Date: October 2010


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