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For Queen and Country
For Queen and Country in In Uniform

The anthology is available from Slash Books
Copyright © Marquesate 2009.

Review © Mårten H at Amazon (February 2011)

"This books contains several stories that do not qualify under the title "In uniform".
The first story "For Queen and Country" is really well written and a really good read.

Unfortunately most of the rest of the book is more or less filling, so I thought the
price was a bit steep for this uneven collection."

Review Excerpt © Sirius11214 at Amazon (full review) (October 2010)

"If you loved "Her Majesty Men" by Marquesate and her other stories, I strongly recommend that you should get this one for the longest and IMO the best story in this anthology "For Queen and country" written by Marquesate. I love the theme of brothers in arms finding love together which makes the harsh conditions of serving the country easier to bear together. And if those brothers in arms are at first being well, not very pleasant to each other, well I love it even more. And it was hot too."

Code of Honour
Code of Honour in I Do - Anthology In Support of Marriage Equality

Available in paperback (366 pages) or as ebook. ISBN13 9781934531716
Copyright © Marquesate 2008.

Review Excerpt © Indigene (full review) (Jan 2009)

"This is a gem of a short story.

If you are familiar at all with Marquesate’s work you will recognize the style immediately – writing that is passionate, meticulous in detail, rich, textured and multi-hued. You will also recognize the ability to write and communicate a multi-dimensional character (Sgt. Roux) all the while ascribing an economy of dialogue to him and through the point of view of another (Joe). Sgt. Roux is a man of few words, yet he is not hidden from the reader. He jumps off the page and the words he does speak deliver a powerful punch.

Joe: “I wanted to be someone.”
Roux: “Someone who was tough and an elite soldier, or someone who wasn’t a fag?”

If we are using gem stones as an analogy for the quality of this story, then enigmatic Sgt. Henri Roux is a sapphire – deeply rich in colour, exuding elegance and demanding respect. Despite his taciturn exterior he houses a wealth of emotional depth that is slowly revealed to us.

The character of Joe is not in the least overshadowed by Roux – he is a diamond-in-the-rough. The most precious of gems. He does not chip and break easily and holds his own in this story. He may be young and inexperienced on many fronts, but he is also intelligent, courageous and is willing to take chances in order to experience, learn and grow. As a reader, it is very easy and natural to feel compassion for Joe. It is also not difficult to want Joe to have everything he needs and deserves in life – and this most definitely includes his Sgt. Roux.

Marquesate has done it yet once again!!! A wonderful short story that has a richness and depth usually found in a full-length novel, yet masterfully achieved in some 30 pages that, without doubt, leave the reader wanting more!!!"

Review Excerpt © Elisa Rolle (full review) (Jan 2009)

"Joe and Roux, legionnaires and lovers, show that once a soldier, you are always a soldier, even in your private life. And so Joe, that is Roux's subordinate, at first follows Roux's rule, like a good soldier, but it's not love since the day that Joe will learn that, in love there are no rule. Joe is young and not so steady on his feet; he has a lot to learn, not only as a soldier. Roux is more experienced and willing to share his knowledge with Joe. Maybe at first it's only lust, but with time, both men will discover that also for them there is a change to be happy and in love."

Review Excerpt © Val Kovalin at (full review) (Jan 2009)

"Joe is already a strong character with his innocence and honesty and yearning for closeness. Because of his strength as a character, the story would have been satisfying as a simple coming-of-age tale with Sergeant Roux as a background element in Joe's overall military experience. But then Roux starts to reveal his deeper, more complex nature to Joe (and us). He leads Joe in a complex dance of provocation and reaction that forces Joe to examine what he really wants and what he's willing to stand up for (as well as put up with).

When Roux says his line on page 155 (that begins, "Because you were young …"), it explains his behavior and persona and gives us a look at his real personality. Reading it, I just about swooned over the manuscript. It really is one of those rare "Wow!" moments in fiction."

Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire in Special Forces: Gay Military Erotica

Available in paperback (244 pages) and on Kindle. ISBN13: 9781573443722
Copyright © Marquesate 2009.

While the anthology was received less favourably, Friendly Fire generated very positive reviews.

Review Excerpt © Haywire (full review) (Nov 2009)

"With one, lonely exception, the story Friendly Fire by Marquesate, the contents of this collection of so called gay military erotica are sloppily written at best and just about unreadable at worst."

Review Excerpt © C.L.Walter (full review) (Nov 2009)

"Two of the stories in this collection really stand out. Friendly Fire by Marquesate was my favorite. Just the right mix of sex and romance. My purchase was justified by this one story."

Review Excerpt © Kassa at Rainbow Reviews (full review)

"The anthology starts out well with the humorous "Wild Blue Yonder" and continues with the entertaining, well-written "Friendly Fire" and hot, sexy fluff sex of "Between Shots Fired." Each of these stories show sex in its raw form between military men who know they could die at any moment. They manage to make connections, however fleetingly, and enjoy the brief release and pleasure before the fear of death creeps in again. These stories are entertaining with a strong thread of erotic detail woven into the different settings."


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